Sunday, September 9, 2012


a.       Currency
The information on the site is pretty recent; they cite every article, which contains the date and the author. It does have a date for revisions. Yes, the links on the site are functional; it takes you directly to another link where you can see the original pdf document. Just Facts started as an informal endeavor in 1997.
b.      Relevance
I clicked on the article about Pollution, which is very relevant to me and today’s environment. The information is very limited since the site itself gives in-depth, accurately sited information, but the topics seem very relevant to today’s problems.
c.       Authority
James D. Agresti and Stephen F. Cardone are the primary researchers of Just Facts. They do have credentials; both went to Brown University and have  varying experiences in different fields. The site does have legible contact information and they are sponsored by whoever feels the obligation to donate to their organization. It is a nonprofit organization, and does not share the information about their donors.
d.      Accuracy
Just Facts makes sure that every one of their facts is 100% transparent. They make sure they cite every single wording they input into their articles. I don’t personally have an interest in any of the topics. As stated before, everything on the site is transparent, complete with direct quotes, links and citations. I don’t know formally if the information is peer reviewed, but I can confirm the links they give approves their information. The site is very professional, the wording and draft style is formally written. There is no language that is overly harsh or emotional. It seems to show completely unbiased, almost encyclopedia-like information.
e.      Purpose
Their commitment is to “accuracy and exhaustive documentation has resulted in citations and links from…” They are nonprofit organization, so they do not advertise anything. I think they’ve tried to stick to the same ideology they were founded on, keeping every as recently accurate and transparent as possible. However, they are conservative /libertarian in their viewpoints, but they do not give a biased preference like the regular media outlets. They are committed to the objectivity of facts and that is their main purpose.

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